lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Uliczne przekąski

Oto wózek ulicznego sprzedawcy przekąsek, którego spotkałam na targu kwiatowym w Xochimilco. Ten wózek prezętuje sie naprawdę skromnie w porównaniu z tymi ktorę widuję w mieście. Na zdjęciu prażone nasiona dyni, orzeszki ziemne i żelki sprzedawane w plastikowych kubeczkach po 5 peso (1,25zl).

Dr. Atl's retrospective

While ago I went to Dr. Atl's exposition in Centro Cultural Tlatelolco. His real name was Gerardo Murillo born in 1875 in Guadalajara, Mexico. He was mexican painter and writer, particularly intrested in mexico city's landscape and climbing volcanos. He invented of his own art technique called "atl-colors". Almost all of his work is lanscapes, a few self-portraits and portraits of his lover Nahui Olin (which deserves a separate entry). In lots of his painting he experiments with perspective, trying to achieve spacious effect. He worked intensively, despite of lose of his leg which prevented him from climbing volcanos. In 1950 he wrote a book "How a Volacano is Born and Grows - Paricutín"about the eruption of volcano Paricutín, which also inspired him to paint many paintings showing this event. He died in Mexico city in 1964. 

Portrait of Nahui Olin